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Vendors are an integral part of Meriter's vision to define the healthcare experience by providing world class care. We are working to clearly communicate our processes and policies to drive efficiency for Meriter and our vendors. To introduce your company's products or services to us, connect with Meriter below. All information will be treated confidentially and is subject to reasonable safeguards against improper disclosure.

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If you are already a registered vendor, update your corporate information, company-level documents and certificates, and payment information for procurement, contracting and payable processes. If you already conduct business with us, but are not registered, please register and provide the critical information we need for our internal controls and accounts payable processes.

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What to expect after you connect as a potential vendor
  • Meriter will publish Sourcing Events through Vendormate
  • You will be contacted if your company is being considered for an open bid opportunity
  • Product and service information should be kept current in Vendormate's online sourcing tool, Medzo

Completing the registration process does not guarantee your company will receive business and / or a contract from Meriter, nor does it imply that your company has any type of procurement relationship with Meriter, either now or in the future.

Meriter Vendor Management Policy

Meriter requires that all vendors doing business with our hospital register in our vendor management portal. Doing so ensures that we have accurate data, and at the same time meet industry regulations, mandates, and oversight. Appropriately managing our vendor relationships is an essential part of providing world class care to our patients and our community.

To access our facilities, every individual representative who interacts with Meriter is required to register in the representative credentialing module of our vendor management system.

Each company pays just one annual registration fee to collect, verify and monitor company and representative data.

We appreciate your immediate attention to this critical initiative.
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