What We Do for Healthcare Suppliers

Drive sales effectiveness for more than 68,000 suppliers nationwide.

“Sourcing Manager and the newly released features are unlike any other marketing tool we’ve seen. Receiving notifications about new opportunities into our Sourcing Manager home page can help us be part of deals we would not have otherwise known about.”
Les Miller
Micro Filtrations


visibility to buyers

Employing broad marketing channels gets costly ‒and there’s no guarantee you’ll actually reach healthcare buyers.

Hospital buyers use Sourcing Manager to find credentialed vendors. Now, suppliers can target these decision makers with timely product/service content, presented via this same tool.

"It used to take days to credential a representative, now it takes hours. Vendormate has simplified a very complicated process."
Cynthia Medina
Program Administrator,
Representative Credentialing


sales-ready compliance

Selling to high-quality healthcare systems requires sales reps to satisfy and document compliance with each hospital’s regulations.

Vendors must manage the challenge of ensuring data is up-to-date and accessible.

Our Access pricing plans and powerful credentialing management tools simply both.

"Our partnership with Vendormate was a smart business decision. The expertise we have been able to utilize has helped us keep our reps’ compliance rates up and grow our program in an ever changing credentialing environment."
Jennifer Dickel
Senior Manager, Field Services


extended resources

When companies grow quickly or hospital-requirements change frequently, revenue can take a hit.

Our Consulting Services and Business Process Outsourcing solutions keep your team selling.

With years of expertise managing vendor data, we offer short- or long-term solutions utilizing proven best practices and processes.