A single integrated sourcing solution

Vendormate Engagement & Oversight

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Vendormate Sourcing Manager Solves Your Challenges

  1. Easily locate suppliers by diversity, geography, department and more
    • Access +100,000 vendor products and services via a single site
    • Uncover cutting-edge and new-to-market product/service companies
    • Filter search results by diversity-certification, GPO affiliation, location, etc.
  2. Meet quality of care requirements
    • Choose from a pre-screened pool of vendors
      (e.g., tax ID verified, financial/legal health checked, etc.)
    • Use online discussions to get vendor referrals from healthcare colleagues
  3. Conduct online RFIs and streamline purchase processes
    • Invite vendors in our network to an online sourcing request
    • Provide internal stakeholders visibility into RFIs and bid process
    • Pool and compare product/service bids; collaborate with stakeholders
  4. Standardize your list of primary vendors for cost savings
    • Build a broader, pre-qualified vendor base; monitor use of non-standard vendors
    • Simplify analysis of your vendor database for cost, quality, diversity, etc.
    • Track and leverage latest vendor promotions – over 250 added monthly